Why Manufacturers Running QuickBooks Choose MISys


Complimentary Webinar

Date:  Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Time:  10 am PT / 1 pm ET

Join us to learn how to automate the following processes using MISys with QuickBooks:

  1. Enter a Sales Order into QuickBooks.
    • Bring that same Sales Order into MISys.
    • Turn that Sales Order into a Manufacturing Order.
  2. Run MRP (Material Requirements Planning) against that Manufacturing Order
    • Build the Finished Good to a BOM specification.
    • Track Labor
    • Track inventory in work-in-process (WIP).
    • Forecast inventory based on history, lead times, vendor performance.
    • Maintain accurate minimum order levels for "just in case" scenarios.
    • Let the system order only what you need, when you need it.
    • Link multiple suppliers to a single inventory item.  
    • Establish preferred vendors, volume purchase discounts. Be able to qualify supplies in multiple ways who sends it cheaper, or the best quality or fastest. Link suppliers and POs to a graphical schedule.  
    • Explode multi-level bills of materials.
    • Up to 16 levels and track BOM Revisions and ECO’s
    • Track job costs for manufacturing jobs. Use various cost methods including Standard Cost and schedule production effectively to meet customer needs. Use time phased MRP to buy only what is needed WHEN it is needed.

Get your inventory in control. Most accounting systems “back flush” inventory and during the manufacturing process nothing gets assigned to WIP. Meaning it does not subtract the inventory until the order is invoiced. Therefore, there is no clear way to have visibility into what is on the shop floor and what is actually in the warehouse.

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