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Gain Control of Food and Beverage Manufacturing with MISys

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Trust Software that Knows Your Food and Beverage Manufacturing Business

Unlike a company that makes widgets, the food and beverage manufacturing process tends to be more complex. Many factors are variable which can cause costs to vary as well. Couple that with regulatory demands and traceability requirements, and you have a recipe for inefficiency. MISys manufacturing was built to specifically support your food and beverage requirements and give you the control you need to be successful.

3 Problems Solved witH MISys for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

1. Production Tracking

Even though Ingredients are carefully measured out, the yield of finished goods can vary which also causes costs to vary. Sadly, few systems support the ability to track variable yields of production runs and adjust batches/recipes on-the-fly. MISys alleviates manual tracking with Advanced Production features.

MISys Manufacturing software knows that when you measure out ingredients for production, those ingredients will be used in full even if you only get half of the finished product you were supposed to. In the end, the system will have a much more accurate per-unit cost for your finished goods. MISys helps you see the actual costs of each production run.

2. Traceability Automation

MISys makes it simple to comply with traceability requirements for food and beverage manufacturing. Your teams can track serial or lot numbers throughout the full purchasing and production lifecycles to comply with strict regulatory agency requirements, including FDA.

The MISys system automatically ties in with Serial/Lot tracking to introduce new material lot numbers for items all the way back to their raw materials. Add-ons such as barcoding help streamline the highly manual process of updating Serial/Lot tracking. You can scan all inventory transactions and associated lot numbers to keep the system near real-time and up-to-date.

3. Inventory and WIP Tracking

 The ability to track your manufacturing inventory and work in process (WIP) can negatively impact profitability if not done well. MISys can not only tell you what you have in stock and where it’s located, but you can actually see savings of 25-50% in inventory carrying costs because MISys has the ability to:

  • Forecast inventory needed based on history, lead times, and vendor performance.
  • Maintain highly accurate minimum order levels for unexpected scenarios.
  • Automatic replenishment of what you need, only when you need it.
  • Multi-level bills of material with full explosion down to 16 levels.
  • Net-change physical inventory including cycle counting.

Keep Your Existing Accounting Software

Keep the accounting software you have now, but add the manufacturing software you need to support manufacturing. You can use your existing accounting software to manage customer-facing processes such as customer records, sales orders, sales inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, etc. MISys Manufacturing integrates seamlessly with the most popular accounting software - QuickBooks Online or Desktop, Sage 50 US, Sage 50 CA, Sage 300 and Sage Intacct.

Then, you can use MISys Manufacturing software to manage the "back of the house," everything related to manufacturing: bills of material, raw material inventory, production scheduling, purchasing, etc. MISys maintains a subledger of all of the manufacturing costs which automatically syncs with the accounting subledger. These transactions are easily auditable and are done automatically - no double data entry is required.

MISys Manufacturing is a cloud-based and on-premise manufacturing solution designed for small and mid-sized companies. Companies in the electronics, food and beverage, aerospace, defense, chemicals, health and beauty, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and transportation industries use MISys to run their manufacturing processes efficiently.

Trust the Manufacturing Experts at Trivium

Trivium is a Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, ERP and Tax consulting firm offering early-mid stage companies strategy consulting as well as support ranging from administrative to CFO level expertise. We provide tailored packages that scale to the needs of our clients. We partner with clients to manage all non-technical requirements, freeing up time and resources which can be spent on product and service development, while reducing cost and providing flexibility. Contact us today to find out how MISys can help your business.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Gain Control of Food and Beverage Manufacturing with MISys

Trust Software that Knows Your Food and Beverage Manufacturing Business

Unlike a company that makes widgets, the food and beverage manufacturing...

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