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We know that you need your systems running smoothly to operate your business. One small hiccup can cost you money and hours of productivity. Building an internal IT staff can be costly and difficult to manage – the good news is that you don’t have to!

You’ll get the same personalized experienced technology support, without the hassle of building a team. You stay focused on running your business, while our technicians monitor your systems and handle any interruptions, no matter how big or small.

Certified to Help Your Business Thrive 

You can trust that our IT team has a deep level of expertise that is professionally recognized and validated at the highest levels. 

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What is Ransomware?
Top Attack Vectors
Top Ransomware Trends 
Impacts of a Successful Attack
Best Practices to Protect Your Business From Ransomware Attacks
How to Respond to a Ransomware Attack

Back up

Your data is the mission critical to your business. To keep your data safe from physical and technical threats, you’ll get our Backup Data Recovery solutions in the event of any data disruption.


Wireless Solutions

Your websites #1 job is to create leads that turn into customers. CLEAN is designed specifically for that purpose.

Information Technology Consulting and Support

We provide a comprehensive written report that is reviewed with your team and includes short-term and long-term IT planning recommendations. This report serves as the first draft of your organization’s IT Strategic Plan.



Office Phone Solutions

With an integrated digital phone system, you’ll get scalable phone systems that even work on PC and mobile devices, at a much lower cost than traditional phone lines. We’ll handle everything from initial setup to adding and removing lines.


Manufacturing and Distribution Software Solutions

Cut costs and reduce purchasing errors with manufacturing’s top of the line software that integrates inventory and accounting. 


IT Security

Integrated with FontAwesome so that you can select from a huge library of icons.



IT Managed Services

Your staff needs its workstations, devices, phones, and emails to serve your customers – and you’ll need the back up and running in the event of an issue. With one quick phone call, our technicians can login and get your employees back in business.



Protective Monitoring

Using cutting edge premium technology, we continuously monitor your network for quick mitigation of any issues – often before you even know it.



Every new client relationship begins with a Comprehensive IT Assessment. During the Assessment, we use a series of technical tools, observations and interviews to gather the information necessary to manage and support your needs. This information culminates in a comprehensive written report that is reviewed with your team and includes short-term and long-term IT planning recommendations. This report serves as the first draft of your organization’s IT Strategic Plan.

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 With ongoing IT strategic planning, we conduct periodic reviews to update the IT Strategic Plan and ensure that it is in continual alignment with your company’s business goals and objectives.

We meet with you on a regular basis.  The frequency of the meetings is tailored to each client’s needs. During this meeting, we discuss the current state of your network and systems, any concerns that exist, and update project plans, timelines, and action items accordingly.

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“Already we are seeing the benefits of increased productivity, organizational management, and accurate recording – all of which will facilitate growth nicely for our company.”
Unilux Advanced Manufacturing, LLC
Director of Marketing
“Frank has been an indispensable asset to the Town and I would give his services my highest recommendation.”
Town of Lancaster

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