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10 Benefits of Managed IT Services for Manufacturing

Managed IT Services for Manufacturing

Why Managed Services for Manufacturing Companies is On the Rise

At Trivium Technology, the mission of our business is to support small and medium-sized New England manufacturing companies to modernize and grow with proven IT and ERP solutions. Manufacturers face increasing pressure to digitize and modernize to compete in today's economy. In this blog, we offer a complimentary whitepaper below focusing on 10 benefits of a Managed Services company to off-load the burden of IT management. Our Trivium IT and manufacturing experts offer various Managed IT Service plans ranging from routine system monitoring/maintenance, technical support and security to complete IT outsourcing. 

Benefits of Managed Services for Manufacturers

Download our "10 Benefits of Managed IT Services" whitepaper to evaluate the differences between traditional technical support and modern IT practices and the pros and cons.  


Here are the 10 benefits of Managed IT Services for Manufacturing companies that are covered in our ebook: 

  1. Think of Managed IT Services as Your Internal IT Department 
  2. Early Issue Detection Leads to Fewer Problems 
  3. Remote Technical Support Reduces IT Expenses and Response Times
  4. You Don't Need to Rely on Vendor Support with a Trusted Managed IT Consultant 
  5. Replace Break/Fix Practice with Ongoing Maintenance
  6. Predictable IT Expense Planning 
  7. Powerful Alignment of IT and Business Goals
  8. Reduce Overall IT Expenses
  9. Take Advantage of Enterprise-level Solutions for Small Business Costs
  10. Free Up Resources to Focus on Manufacturing

Getting Started is Easy

Every new client relationship at Trivium Technology starts with our Comprehensive IT Assessment. Our IT services experts use a series of technical tools, observations and interviews to gather the information necessary during your Assessment to support your needs. This information culminates in a comprehensive report that is reviewed with your team. Your report will include short-term and long-term IT planning recommendations and strategies.

A Virtual IT Department

Our goal is to become your Virtual IT Department. Our services are designed to help your business avoid problems or minimize their impact. We can support all aspects of your business with a Managed Services plan or customize what services you need with "a la carte" options. Your critical systems proactive network monitoring to uncover any signs of trouble via a comprehensive battery of preventative maintenance tasks, including:

  • Managed IT – Available in Bronze/Silver/Gold packages. Comprehensive IT management keeps all your IT infrastructure updated, running, available and secure. Click here to learn more about Managed Services.
  • Managed Server Care – Server-only service level program. Manages aspects of your server.
  • Managed Monitoring – Keeps servers and workstations updated, secure and operational. Select important workstations and manage only what you need to fit your office.
  • Managed Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware – Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware solutions are available for servers & workstations. Click here to learn more about Managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware.
  • Managed Security – Firewall-based security, network attack blocking and spam solutions. Click here to learn more about Managed Security.
  • Managed Data Backup & Disaster Prevention – Local and off-site backup services. Prevent the loss of important data due to disaster! Restore individual files or restore a whole PC or Server with ease. Be it local copies, off-site backups or both; protect one of the most important pieces of your business. Your data! Click here to learn more about our Cloud Backup.
  • Managed Wireless – Manage your office’s WiFi with a variety of solutions. Click here to learn more about our Wireless Solutions.

Trust the Technology Experts at Trivium

Trivium Technology, Inc. has over 25 years of experience providing ERP and Managed Services for growing companies across New England, New York, and New Jersey. Our team specializes in accounting and manufacturing software sales, service and support to small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. We are certified value-added resellers (VARs) for MISys® manufacturing and Sage 100 software. We are also Lenovo Premier Partners, Intuit® Solution Providers (QuickBooks® Enterprise), and Managed Services Providers for IT services. When you work with Trivium, you will get a tailored ERP solution for your unique business with the flexibility and functionality to scale up to meet the demands of your clients. We partner with our clients to manage all business system requirements to free up your time and resources to spend working in the business.

Contact us today!  Visit our website, call 978-219-2500 or email to find out how MISys manufacturing ERP can help your business. 

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